Patricia Emonet-Schreiner

Atelier Prisca

Rue de l'Eglise 7
CH-1920 Martigny

Tél: (+41) 27 - 722 49 17
Cell. (+41) 78 - 888 13 43

Prisca comes from a family of painters, musicians and scientists. Spending her youth in the south of France (Menton) had a deep influence on her future creations. Very young she felt the urge to paint. Already at the age of seven she started with watercolour under the direction of her grand-mother Prisca. It was her first initiation to art and she still practices it today. The luminosity of the south is always haunting her: it is the guideline of her work, a real passion.

Her parents leading an unsettled life, she could not follow a regular art school, but took a series of private lessons. She studied in various European countries and finally went to Geneva to the Interpreter's School. There she met her husband and spent the rest of her life in Switzerland.

During her student's years she discovered the use of silk and colours: a great passion was born! For over 40 years, she tried to master colours and luminosity. Patiently she developed a new means of expression, a very personal and elaborate "mixed media" that captures colours and luminosity on a silk canvas. This allows her to create paintings of a unique character, that she calls as her "Soies" ©. Naturally she chose "PRISCA" as her artist's name, in memory of her grandmother who was her first guide and teacher.

In 1987 one of her paintings was chosen by UNICEF for a Christmas card that became a world best-seller that year and launched her career as a painter.

Having 4 children, she had to “steal” periods of free time to create, which was a very strong stimulus. Normally she frames her work like a regular painting, but it can also be used in transparency: this particularity was appreciated by architects and she received many public commissions, especially of a very big size. She spent about 1 year for each realization, which left little time for exhibitions... That is why she waited until the age of 40 to start with her first personal exhibition. Now, painting takes most of her time. She also gives classes in her studio. As well in her watercolours as in her “Soies”, luminosity is her main concern.

Artist statement

My passion for colours and my never ending quest for luminosity are the main characteristics of my work, as well in my watercolours as in my “Soies”. By using silk as a canvas, my paintings come alive and the colours are shimmering as if they receive light from behind. Something I read, something I see or something someone tells me, awakens my imagination and suddenly I “see” my future painting! Sometimes a special colour combination is the only pretext. My work is full of symbols and dreams. I love special atmospheres in landscapes, labyrinths and intricate cities. Some work is more figurative, other tend to the abstract. I like to suggest, and leave the interpretation open.


1981 - AVA, Sion. 1982 - "Salon de mai" BEA, Bern - Switzerland
1982 - Weinachts Kunstaustellung VKKS, Zurich - Switzerland
1983 - Galerie de la Dranse - Martigny - Switzerland
1984 - Manoir de Martigny - Switzerland
1984 - "Enfance handicapée" Galerie Supersaxo - Martigny - Switzerland
1984 - AVA - Leytron - Valais - Switzerland
1986 - Galerie des Platanes - Carouge - Geneva - Switzerland
1987 - Crans-Montana (by Galerie d'Art Maison de la Diète) - Switzerland
1997 - Palais de l'Europe (3 months) - special guest of the City of Menton - France
1989 - UNICEF - "Swiss Artists for Children of the World" Noga Hilton Geneva - Switzerland
1992 - Manoir de Martigny - Switzerland
2003 - 2004 - Exposition "Le citron et l'art" Musée des Beaux-Arts - Menton - France
2004 - "Idées Elles" - Centre Culturel La Vidondée - Riddes - Valais Switzerland
2005 - "Idées Elles" - Centre Culturel La Vidondée - Riddes - Valais Switzerland
2005 - Opening of my new Studio "100 years of watercolor painting in the family"
from one century to the other: from 1880 to 2005
2006 - "Collective de Femmes" - Centre Culturel La Vidondée - Riddes - Valais Switzerland
2008 - Exhibition with Susan Clinard again at the Palais de l'Europe in Menton - France
2012 - Exhibition with Susan Clinard at Kehler Liddell Gallery - New Haven CT - USA
2012 -
Artists for Peace - Celebrating Life - Schilliger - Gland - Switzerland
2012 - Christmas Boutique - Atelier Prisca - Martigny - Switzerland
2013 - Christmas Boutique - Atelier Prisca - Martigny - Switzerland
2013 - L'Art au fil du Rhône - Coude du Rhône Space - Martigny - Switzerland
2014 - Christmas Boutique - Atelier Prisca - Martigny - Switzerland
2015 - Christmas Boutique - Atelier Prisca - Martigny - Switzerland

Public Commissions
1982 - Notre Dame du Silence - Sion : 6 mobile panels 55x 95 inch - Architect Ami Delaloye - A long, and innovative work!
1990-91- Chapel of Foyer Louise Bron: "window mural" of 6 fixed panels
(83 inch high)- Fully - Valais - Architect Ami Delaloye
1999 - Church of Charrat - Valais : 4 windows - Architect Ami Delaloye
2000-01 - Chapel of Castel Notre Dame - Martigny - Valais: 4 huge paintings sized 55X 106 inch and 39 X 106 inch
2002 - Public Library and Audiovisual Centre of Valais - Martigny - Switzerland - 1 painting sized 55 X 106 inch
2002 - Meditation room - Prison des Iles - Sion - Valais : 2 paintings sized 130 x 39 inch
2011 - Chapel of the Maison du St.Bernard - Martigny - Switzerland : 2 lighted paintings sized 31 X 78 inch
2014 - Due to modifications of Chapel in Foyer Louise Bron, the "Window Mural" has been transferred and reinstalled
in the Salles du Coude du Rhône in Martigny
Editions - Illustrations
1987 - UNICEF Christmas card - world best-seller
1990 - Illustration of book "Au miroir des rencontres" (Marie-Luce Dayer) Editions Ouverture - Lausanne - Switzerland
1991 - Edition of 8 cards from Notre Dame du Silence mobile panels
1993 - Edition of 9 cards from " window mural " - Foyer Louise Bron
1993-94 - poster for " Swiss Book's Village " - St.Pierre-de-Clages - Valais 1999 -
1999 - Illustration of "Quand passent les trobairitz et les troubadours" (Marie-Luce Dayer) Edition Ouverture.
2000 - Illustration of children's book "La trêve de Noël" (Marie-Luce Dayer) Editions St-Augustin.
2001 - Edition of 8 cards from Castel Notre Dame Paintings
2002 - Edition of 2 cards from Prison paintings
2007 - Wine bottle labels for the Paroisse de Martigny
2009 - Illustration of book "Des lucioles à Noël" (Marie-Luce Dayer) Editions Ouverture - Lausanne - Switzerland

2005 - "Prisca’s exciting new Art technique: "Capturing colours and luminosity" 2 presentations given at:
- Palette and Chisel Academy of Art -1012 N. Dearborn Ave - Chicago IL - USA
- Clinard Sculpture Studio
- 629 W.Cermak, Ste 408 - Chicago IL - USA
2008 - Palais de l'Europe - several presentations

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