"Micro Entrepreneur Award"

Sanjida lors de la remise des prix a New Delhi

Nous avons été très heureuses de recevoir ce mail!

Dear Patricia,Catherine & S. Mam,

Mam before 6 months, here "Micro Entrepreneur Award" application was issued. Which contain two category, one is for social and one for General business. This form distributed in 4 major city of India, Mumbai is one of them, and in one city they select 2 for general business and 1 from social fields.
So in Mumbai city we got selected in social fields. This form came through ----, and we filled it in Social category. After that, they did short listed of 10 peoples out of 40 forms, in which we got selected then they came over here (At workshop) and asked so many things to Sanjida, like how you started workshop? who helped you? From whom you inspired? About her personal life regarding husband, children's, everything. And then did video shooting, about all the things which girls were working, we also showed them about our School, they also visited there, talked with students, and seen all the work going on, they are very impressed with us. We also told them about the school how we are running it.
So finally yesterday they called us, and said that we got selected for "Micro Entrepreneur Award". Award function will be held at Delhi on 31st January. Mam we didn't tell you about it, because we thought that we won't get selected. But it not happened, we won!! All girls are very happy, and appreciating Sanjida. But mam it happened just because of all of you,---- you helping us with the greatest extend, and make us for deserving this kind of award, we don't have any word to say but
thank you very much Mam.

Your Sincerely Sanjida And Shehnaz

Contact: prisca@prisca.ch

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