Created a dozen of years ago, the workshop of stitching and hand embroidery (cross-stitch)
was set up in the shantytown of Malad/Malwany (Suburb of Bombay) to give work
to young women without education, right on the spot, in their own environment.
Since 4 years, this workshop belongs to the former workers who acquired it thanks to
a free loan which they refunded with the benefit of their exports.

Today it runs very well and our role is limited to give them technical assistance and to
find customers for them, which is not always obvious.
Thank you for the work you are giving them!

Three years ago, these young women expressed the desire to do in their turn something for the
poorest women of their community and asked us to finance them.
They opened a school of stitching and quality control, because they realized that
this "know-how" which had been taught to them, would always enable them to find an employment.
They also hired a teacher to give hindi classes to their pupils to help elimination of illiteracy.
Today the school prepares two batches of 25 girls every year.

We are very happy of their initiative and support them wholeheartedly!
Any additional money contribution would enable them to buy more sewing machines
and to develop. There are no other expenses beside those for running the school.
We manage to give them the money directly though a local friend who also supervises the accounts.

In January 2005, they received the "Micro Entrepreneur Award" from the hands of
the minister of Economy in New Delhi!.
They were selected among a thousand of workshops in India: it was a great honour!!
See the photos!

In November 2007, Sanjida receives the "Spirit of Mumbai Award" and fills a whole
page in the Hindusti Times of Mumbai. See her story in the newspaper!
Last trip February2010.

In 2011 Sanjida became totally independent with her own business "SM-CREATIVE".
She runs and manages the school and we continue our sponsorship.

We thank you for interest in this project and are at your disposal for any additional information.

Patricia Emonet